Safeguarding adults is everyone’s responsibility and we encourage an open and transparent approach across Camphill Village Trust.

All adults have the right to be protected from abuse and poor practice. This is regardless of their;

  • Age
  • Ability or disability
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ethnic origin
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status
  • Transgender status

Best practice in safeguarding means we must all commit to both a legal and moral responsibility. This includes all paid staff, volunteers and visitors.

Camphill Village Trust is committed to safeguarding and we apply the principles of The Care Act 2014 across each of our settings to ensure that the wellbeing of each person we support is always at the centre of any safeguarding process.

Our Operations Directors lead on all safeguarding activity, supported by the Head of Quality and Health and Safety. Regular reports and updates are provided to our Quality Committee and Board of Trustees.

Download a copy of our Safeguarding policy

Quality and Safeguarding Group

All safeguarding incidents are reported and collated centrally by our Head of Quality and Health and Safety. All incidents are reviewed at our Quality and Safeguarding meetings which are held quarterly.

These meetings are chaired by our Director of Care and Support and attended by the CEO of the Ann Craft Trust as an external expert.

The group reviews all safeguarding incidents, shares knowledge and reflects on organisational experiences to continuously improve our safeguarding practice.

This document is also shared with our team of General Managers who oversee each of our Camphill Village Trust communities and initiatives. It is also discussed in-depth at our Quality Committee Meeting chaired by one of our Trustees.

It is the role of everyone working for Camphill Village Trust to create an empowering environment so that the people we support become more confident and assertive in the quality of their care.

We aim to empower the people we support to feel able to speak out about abuse and poor practice. To say ‘no’ to abuse and to be aware of their right to make their own decisions with support and to be safe from harm or exploitation.

Our ‘Got IT’ team which consists of a group of people we support, review our policies regularly to ensure that easy read information is available on subjects such as safeguarding and how to report a concern.

We have dedicated safeguarding leads in each community. They’re responsible for ensuring our safeguarding policy is adhered to and to ensure that we all understand that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Safeguarding Training

All staff within the Trust undertake safeguarding training. We review and monitor this quarterly through key performance indicators which we report to our Quality Committee.

Making safeguarding personal

We endeavour to uphold the principles underpinning ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ (MSP). It’s a sector-wide initiative to focus on ‘outcomes’ for the individual in safeguarding work and enabling safeguarding to be done with, not to, people.

We work closely with the people we support to discuss the options they have and what they would like to do about their situation to improve their quality of life as well as safety. We must develop a greater understanding of what they wish to achieve (and how), record their desired outcomes and then follow up on how effectively they have been met.

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