Charities are #NeverMoreNeeded #RightNow

Charities are #NeverMoreNeeded #RightNow

Camphill Village Trust is a national charity and social care provider – we are sector optimists.  

We are also sector realists and understand that the end of lockdown will not be the end of our challenges. The inevitable additional pressure on funding, the build up of unmet needs and the erosion of people’s support – physically, emotionally and financially – are going to be hard to tackle.

Has the pandemic finally forced the issue of a long-term vision and model for social care onto the Government’s playlist? We’ve been here before.

The recognition of the need for stronger and joined up working with the NHS is welcomed, but a shot gun marriage that results in a clinically led model of social care is not the answer – the secret is in our name…social.

Like many charities and third sector organisations throughout this pandemic, Camphill Village Trust has been more than a contracted care provider – working with food banks, coproducing wellbeing support to those who use and provide support, and codeveloping virtual therapeutic and educational support programmes which are open to all….

If social care is to rebuild positively post COVID, it needs to be about more than the ‘hourly rate’ and social care contracts need to include community, connectivity and opportunities in their language and ambition. Let’s not be afraid to talk about how funded and unfunded support should work in partnership.

Once again charities have demonstrated why they have been, and will be, never more needed – if we are real about developing relationships and resources that provide people with a life of opportunity.

That why we are supporting the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign.

Huw John 17.02.21


We’re calling on the government to create an Emergency Support Fund. Click here: to find out more, and learn how you can help.

Charities are #NeverMoreNeeded #RightNow