A legacy 65 years in the making

1955 is memorable for its bitterly cold winter and Winston Churchill’s resignation as Prime Minister. It was also the year that a group of pioneering volunteers founded Botton Village – the first Camphill community for adults with learning disabilities.

Society has come a long way since the days when learning disability was seen as a health problem and people were often detained in mental hospitals. Over the last six decades Camphill Village Trust has played a part in helping people to live a life of opportunity and changing the way society sees disability.

We’ve produced a new short film, celebrating the achievements of Camphill Village Trust and the people who make up the charity. From our beginnings at Botton Village to our 10 vibrant communities and services where nearly 600 people are now supported to make their own decisions, learn skills and lead independent lives, there is much to be proud of.

The film also acknowledges the amazing contribution our supporters have made. Together, we have changed so many lives for the better – and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Watch our anniversary film and find out how you can help create a better future for adults with learning disabilities.

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A legacy 65 years in the making