Meet Donna, Diane and Richard

“Shared Lives has gone above and beyond in providing support for Donna. She has a job at Asda and a boyfriend. It’s a great feeling when you see someone moving forward, progressing and reaching their potential. You enrich us, Donna, you really do. You enrich the whole family.”

Donna has lived with Diane and Richard for most of her life, initially as a foster placement before transferring over to Shared Lives.

Shared Lives is sometimes described as being similar to providing ‘foster care for adults with additional/complex needs’, but it is so much more than that as we enable people to take control of their lives and make informed choices to maximise independence.

Richard and Diane involve Donna in every aspect of family living and have gone to extraordinary lengths in supporting her to find full-time work, so she can become even more independent.

Meet Donna, Diane and Richard