Meet Tina and Paul

“I like the fact I can be at home, I like the fact I look after Paul, I like that if I need help, everyone is there for me. If you have room in your house and room in your heart, then do it, it’s really, really rewarding. Paul makes me feel happy all the time because I know he’s happy.”

Tina is a newly approved carer to the Camphill Village Trust Shared Lives scheme and has recently been matched to support Paul on a long-term basis. Paul and Tina enjoy going to food shows, markets and shopping.

Shared Lives is sometimes described as being similar to providing ‘foster care for adults with additional/complex needs’, but it is so much more than that as we enable people to take control of their lives and make informed choices to maximise independence.

Follow Paul on a typical day of attending day activities and then shopping with Tina before a night of disco-dancing with his friends.

Meet Tina and Paul