We’ve adopted Danby train station!

In fact, Catherine, Martin, Howard and William from Botton Village have been building connections with three nearby stations on the Esk Valley Line: Danby, Castleton Moor and Commondale. During lockdown, they created some artwork to display in the waiting rooms.

Their next task, as restrictions ease, is to visit Danby Station to give it a fresh coat of paint. Martin is looking forward to this. ‘I haven’t seen trains in a long time!’ he says.

Local links

The Esk Valley Line is a vital link for the rural communities between Middlesbrough and Whitby and has provided many great days out for people living at Botton Village. Everyone is looking forward to taking a trip again soon.

‘I like trains,’ says Howard. ‘It will be good when we can travel places again.’



Community Champions building strong connections in the Esk Valley

We’ve adopted Danby train station!