Camphill Village Trust & Community Catalysts

Camphill Village Trust & Community Catalysts

Growing Connections and Contributions at Botton Village, North Yorkshire.

Camphill Village Trust (CVT)and Community Catalysts are embarking on an exciting 2-year partnership project at CVT’s Botton Village in North Yorkshire.

This ambitious project will explore how people who live and work at Botton can create new opportunities to use their own gifts and skills to contribute to the communities around them and make new friends and connections. At the same time people in the wider community can benefit from the rich resources within Botton village.

The importance of mutually valued relationships, where each person’s contribution to community is nurtured and appreciated remains at the heart of our approach. This new partnership supports our shared vision to use our resources and knowledge to benefit those living in the surrounding areas and help tackle issues of rural loneliness, disconnection and appropriate support.

Wayne Mason, General Manager at Botton shared “This build upon the many exciting projects already underway in our community and asks the important question of how can Botton Village become more integrated and better contribute to the wellbeing and vitality of the surrounding region?”

Sian Lockwood of Community Catalysts said “We are excited about this new partnership with Camphill Village Trust. Our two organisations have worked on a number of projects over the last few years, developing a deep understanding of our shared values on which this new project is based. The project allows Community Catalysts and Camphill Village Trust to work together to build upon all that Botton Village is already doing to use its resources well to benefit not just the people living and working there but also people in the towns, villages and farms of the surrounding area’