Connections in North Yorkshire

Connections in North Yorkshire

You may remember we shared some exciting news back in November 2018 about a new partnership we were embarking on with Community Catalysts. We wanted to update you on how things have been progressing.

This project was set up to explore how people who live and work at Botton Village can create new opportunities to use their own gifts and skills to contribute to the communities around them and make new friends and connections. At the same time people in the wider community can benefit from the rich resources within Botton Village.

Since we last shared our plans with you, Debbie John has been appointed as a Community Connector, Debbie has been spending time getting to know the people we support, and staff at our Botton Village community.

Debbie tells us:

‘I have to say how impressed I am with the people at Botton Village. I have been made to feel very welcome and have learnt that people here have a wide range of skills. I have learnt about the wealth of resources we have here at Botton and some fantastic initiatives such as Social Farming, and community events and social activities for people with Dementia.

I think there is a strong sense of community here that I have been made to feel part of. There is some really good co-production work already underway, such as Learn to Lead and Quality of Life. It is clear that the people we support are at the heart of everything.’

As well as getting to know everyone in the community Debbie has been working hard to enlist ‘Community Champions’ to help take part in, and shape this important project. So far we are delighted that 20 people have signed up.

And as well as the Community Champions from Botton Village, Debbie has been enlisting help from our neighbours: ‘I have been visiting key partners in the North York Moors, and recruiting Community Champions from the surrounding area. I’m really pleased with the reception we’ve had from everyone.’ says Debbie.

The next step is to start the research – with their first full group meeting on the 8th March the team will look at producing a survey which will help establish what the issues are and where help is needed. The Community Champions will then work to come up with ideas on how they can help, and then put those ideas into action.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our Community Champions, and if you would like to get involved please email Debbie.john@communitycatalysts.co.uk.