Celebrating Shared Lives Week

Celebrating Shared Lives Week

Shared Lives Week is running from the 17th-21st June across the UK. The week is celebrating Shared Lives carers who open their homes to care for vulnerable adults offering an alternative to more traditional forms of care. It’s an opportunity to discover the benefits of ‘Shared Lives’.

Camphill Village Trust established the Shared Lives West Midlands Scheme in March 2017.

The Stourbridge Community was chosen both for its urban location in supporting the recruitment of new Carers, but also the new scheme is able to connect to already established networks, access wider resources and take part in community social events.

As a starting point, Shared Lives is sometimes described as being similar to ‘foster care for adults with additional or complex needs’, but it is so much more than that. It doesn’t matter about your age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, marital status, religious beliefs, living alone or as a family what matters are your personal qualities, passion and values.

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