Getting active in our new gym

Getting active in our new gym

Community members and staff at Larchfield have found a new way to keep fit. With a good idea and a lot of hard work, they have transformed an under-used storeroom into a new community gym.

Debbie helped to set up the gym and was one of the first people to use it. She explains why it’s needed: “it will make people healthy and fit, and help people lose weight,” she says.

With a little help from our friends

Staff and community members worked together to clear the room and put out a request for unwanted gym equipment on email and social media. And the generosity was amazing! “We were given a treadmill, bikes, a cross trainer and a weight bench!” laughs Debbie.

Accessible for everyone

“It’s difficult for people who can’t go to the gym in town if they haven’t got the money or the transport,” says Debbie.

“Sensitivity to noise, light or crowds can also make it difficult for people to exercise in public. “But the new gym is on-site, so it’s handy for people.”

As well as keeping fit, Debbie enjoys her role in our Learning to Lead group and regularly meets up with members of other local communities. “I’ll be telling people from the Croft and Botton about our new gym,” says Debbie “because I think it’s a really good idea!”