Hospitality School students serve up a tasty treat

Hospitality School students serve up a tasty treat

Visitors to the Antiques and Vintage Fair which took place at Taurus Crafts last weekend were in for a (tasty) treat!

Students from the Hospitality School, which is based at the centre served up a ‘Mini Vintage Tea Party’. They helped to decorate cakes, set tables, prepare for reservations and served tea and cake to the customers.

Learning new skills

The Hospitality School supports adults with learning and other disabilities to grasp new skills in the kitchen. This helps to promote an enriched home life and gain enjoyment from cooking healthy meals within a budget as well as building confidence in basic hospitality industry skills which may lead to supported work placements.

Nostalgic entertainment came from ‘Blitz Time Sally’, who sang a range of songs inspired by wartime stories and films from back in the day.

Amanda, Hospitality School Coordinator said; “The students were able to put all of the skills they have learnt during their time at the school into action. It was great seeing them at work and interacting with the general public. A real highlight was seeing Ian dancing with a customer.”

You’ll be able to see the Hospitality School students at work at future events. So keep an eye out for the updates to see which events they will be attending.