I.T Course at Taurus Crafts

I.T Course at Taurus Crafts

Recently Harriet, Brian and Suzie have attended a four-week IT course held at Taurus Crafts, the course has been running on Friday mornings, and afternoons. The course was provided by the Charity Creative Educational Projects.  The aim of the course and Creative Educational Projects is to teach people with learning disabilities how to use a computer, apply for employment, to do internet shopping, and to participate in social networking such as Facebook, and Twitter.

A broad area of skills were learned and developed during the course attendees learned how to use emails, search for jobs online, updating their CVs, Facebook security, creating family trees and much more.

“I learned a lot about how to be safe on a website, they taught me how to make sure that my iPad software is up to date, as well as your privacy settings on Facebook are all set up” – Harriet.

The course was organised by Elaine our support coordinator here at Taurus Crafts, “the course has highlighted to the attendees the importance of Internet safety as well as supporting them to develop confidence in accessing a variety of information”. – Elaine support coordinator

Some great life skills were learned during the course such as ‘Skype’ as one of the attendees has family that live abroad and the course has enabled them a more visual way to stay in touch with them.