LEGO Mindstorm Workshop opens

LEGO Mindstorm Workshop opens

A warm Botton Village welcome was extended to Tom Hall, the General Manager of LEGO Education to officially open our brand-new LEGO Mindstorm workshop.

The LEGO Mindstorm workshop has been running at Botton Village since Spring this year. The workshop promotes skills in problem-solving, creativity, independence and resilience through the construction of robots and structures made from LEGO.

Dedicated space

The workshop has been operating out of a small room located within the village. However, members of the LEGO workshop, support staff and external partners have all worked together to raise money to decorate and equip a dedicated space. The aim is so that the workshop can run more frequently and be available to not only people within our community but the wider area also. A team of staff and people we support from Botton Village trained weekly and ran the Middlesbrough 10k to gain sponsorship towards the project.

Staff and community members spent time decorating the new workshop, we even had our very own Camphill Village Trust LEGO artwork designed and kindly donated by Daniel Mason.

Tom Hall tweeted after the visit;

‘Spent a properly life-affirming afternoon at Botton Village today. Made some new friends, tasted some amazing cheese, was awed by their LEGO workshop – and left with this beautiful boat carved from trees from the farm. Loved every minute.’

A huge thank you to:

Tom Hall – LEGO Education International

Wood PLC

Daniel Mason