Road safety on our minds

Road safety on our minds

Malton is a busy market town, and traffic on the narrow roads can be heavy at times. So the Learn to Lead Group at Croft Community decided it was time for a safety reminder. 

Sharing important information

“Lots of us go out into town by ourselves, we’re quite independent,” says Tom. “We wanted everyone in the community to be safe, so we decided to make a video.”

The group produced a three-minute road safety film aimed at people with disabilities. It’s full of practical advice, showing viewers how to keep safe when out and about. “It reminds us to stop, look and listen,” says Ben.

Listening to feedback

The film has been shown at Croft and Larchfield Communities, as part of the recent Co-Production Week activities. This has been an ideal way to get feedback. Mark explains:
“We did a survey and questionnaire about the video. We got a lot of good feedback.. People were really impressed.”

But the most important thing? “I think making the video reminded me about road safety, it was a refresher for a lot of people,” says Tom.