Sing and sign it’s harvest time!

Sing and sign it’s harvest time!

Botton Village Makaton group joined pupils from Castleton Primary School at their Harvest Festival today.

The school children made invitations in class, which they sent to the members of the group inviting them to come and sing and sign along with them. The group were supported by Sophie Wilson, a Teaching Assistant at Castleton School who’s been teaching basic Makaton at Botton Village in a programme of ‘sing and sign’ sessions.

Sophie said; ‘We were thrilled to be joined by members of the Botton Village Makaton group at our Harvest Festival. The school children sent invitations and have been learning how to sign along to many of the songs so that we could all join in together. It was a great moment to see the children and the group from Botton Village singing and signing along to ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ at the same time.’

The Makaton group were also pleased to donate a box of wonderful Botton Village produce, which will be sent to Whitby Foodbank.

Makaton uses speech with signs and symbols to help people communicate. Our Makaton group have been learning to sign useful words and phrases such as ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’.

A fantastic morning, thank you to the pupils and teachers at Castleton Primary School for inviting us along.