Croft House (still) by the sea!

Croft House (still) by the sea!

You may remember we shared a story on our website only a couple of weeks ago about the residents from Croft House, Croft Community who were taking a holiday in Scarborough.  

The holiday was to coincide with some major building works taking place inside Croft House. However, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions imposed which occurred during their stay, work has paused on the renovations.  It wasn’t safe for our community members to return home, so they’re taking an extended holiday by the sea!

Team Leader, Trace Rainbow said: ‘The people who own the holiday home have been very kind and helpful allowing us to stay longer than we originally expected! Who would have thought this would happen when everyone set off on their holidays? We’re following all government guidelines and we feel we are lucky to be able to go for our daily walk by the sea.’

Dedicated team

It’s not only our community members who’ve had a change in their location, but our support staff have too.

Trace is filled with praise for her dedicated team. ‘They’re working in a different location, some using public transport to get to and from their temporary workplace. They continue to be flexible, adaptable and just a wonderful dedicated support team with a smile on their faces. I’m so grateful and proud to be part of such a fantastic team during these very difficult circumstances.’

The Croft House community members will remain in Scarborough until the restrictions on movements are lifted.