‘Silent heroes’ nominated for Outstanding Carer of the Year

‘Silent heroes’ nominated for Outstanding Carer of the Year

For over 40 years, June and Tony Cox have committed their home and family life to caring for others. Beginning their career in 1976 as Foster Carers, they have offered their time, passion, and love to support over 100 children as part of their family unit.

Having supported one young child from just 3 years of age, “Sarah” became a huge part of June and Tony’s life. As Sarah’s 18th birthday neared, June and Tony knew they wanted to continue their care for her into adulthood and by working in partnership with Dudley council, Shared Lives was identified as a natural steppingstone from their foster care role.

June and Tony have strived to provide a consistent, stable and secure home for Sarah for almost 20 years, and despite the recent challenges and hard times, their support has enabled her to thrive as a full member of the local and wider community. At the virtual Annual Awards Ceremony, recently hosted by Shared Lives Plus (membership body for all shared living organisations in the UK),

June and Tony were nominated for the category of ‘Outstanding Carer of the Year’, in recognition for their achievements. Senior Area Coordinator, Sue Caddick notes, “their commitment to Sarah is unsurpassed. They never complain and always put her needs first, it has been an honour to work with June and Tony – they are our silent heroes!”

What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives is still a relatively unknown model of care that holds similarities to fostering, where specially trained Carers open up their home and support adults with additional/complex needs to lead as independent life as possible, whilst staying connected to the local community. Currently, there are approximately 14,000 people being supported up and down the UK in this way.
Shared Lives offers an alternative home-based support model to residential care for people with a learning disability, autism, mental ill health, through to older people and hospital discharges.

The role of a Shared Lives Carer is for anyone with the right values and commitment, and of course, a spare bedroom.  You can be paid up to £570+ per week (tax free), depending on the level of support you provide.

To find out more information about becoming a Shared Lives carer with the Camphill Village Trust scheme, then please call on 01384 441505 or visit or Shared Lives pages.

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Or to find out about a scheme in your local area, then please go to: www.sharedlivesplus.org.uk/find-your-local-scheme


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