Do you believe in fairies?

Do you believe in fairies?

A trail of tiny doors to Fairyland has appeared at Taurus Crafts, to the delight of younger – and young at heart – visitors!

The tiny, brightly coloured doors have been spotted at the foot of trees around our artisan visitor centre, which supports people with a learning disability to learn retail and hospitality skills. We’d love to tell you they are gateways to another world, but Chris explains what it’s really all about:

‘We wanted to create a fun trail for children visiting Taurus Crafts – and it was fun as well for us making them.’

Creativity for a good cause

‘Brian and I painted three different fairy doors, each with different colours,’ continues Chris. ‘We wanted to show visitors some of the arts and crafts we do here. I like the idea that visitors can find out what Taurus Crafts is all about.’

Chris normally helps in the café so he enjoyed trying something new.

‘I was able to socialise with people I wouldn’t normally see in the café and make some new connections. I’d like to do something like this again.’



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