Fun at Flamingo Land

Fun at Flamingo Land

Botton Village community members have taken the opportunity to get out and about this summer, with a trip to North Yorkshire’s popular theme park and zoo, Flamingo Land.

After months of lockdown restrictions, everyone was delighted to enjoy the change of scene – and the chance to see wild animals up close. The Sea Lion Show was one of the highlights of the day!

Lots to learn

‘The sea lions are from California,’ says Alan. ‘It was really interesting finding out how they live, I learned a lot,’

Pat was captivated by the baby sea lion who was the star of the show: ‘He was amazing. He would catch fish and all the other sea lions would clap,’ she explains.

A dinner of fish and chips, and a trip to the gift shop rounded off the day in style. Plans for another visit are already underway. ‘I would love to come back when the sea lion has grown up,’ says Pat. ‘That would be so interesting.’