Game, set and match to Emily

Game, set and match to Emily

Emily’s love of tennis has opened up new opportunities. She’s travelled from her home at Oaklands Park to tournaments in Nottingham and Sheffield.

‘There hasn’t been many matches this year, because of Covid,’ she explains. ‘But I hope there will be more next year.

’Emily’s love of tennis began when she was 18: ‘I used to have proper lessons with a coach when I was younger,’ she says. ‘So that got me started. They taught me how to serve and things like that.’

Recently she’s enjoyed watching rising British star Emma Radacanu. ‘We need to get more British people playing tennis like her!’

Keeping fit - and having fun

‘It’s good exercise,’ Emily continues. ‘I’d advise anyone to give tennis a try, it helps you mix with other people and it helps you build your confidence.’