Gardening project set to make ‘Norton Road green again’

Gardening project set to make ‘Norton Road green again’

This spring community members at Stourbridge have started their own Gardening Club at Norton Road called ‘Make Norton Road green again.’ 

The initiative set up by staff members at Stourbridge, Hollie and Zoe aims to help rebuild connections between community members, which has been lost due to Covid-19 and Lockdown.

Hollie said “The project means a great deal to us as we feel that it will help to bring community members together to work towards the same goal. It helps to build new friendships and we use the time in the garden as relaxation, as well as a place where we can all come together to laugh and joke and talk about how our week has been.”

Building community

Throughout the spring community members have been helping to maintain the onsite green house, watering plants and planting flowers around the site to support local wildlife such as bees and other insects.

Staff at Stourbridge hope that this new project can help to reduce any social anxiety community members may have developed during the lockdown and will help support them in a safe outdoor environment.

Hollie said, “Often just that opportunity for a person to come into the fresh air and talk about how they are feeling in a safe place, whilst also completing an activity can have such a positive impact on their mental health.”

The gardening club is set to continue through out the year, aiming to continue to build connections between our community members through a shared project.