Lakeside laps in lockdown

Lakeside laps in lockdown

A 65-lap sponsored walking challenge around Verulamium Lake helped friends from St Albans Community keep in touch over spring and early summer.

‘It takes about 10 minutes to walk once around the lake,’ explains Alex. ‘So we set ourselves a challenge of 65 laps over a few weeks.’

Everyone enjoyed a regular walk in the early stages of lockdown easing when we could meet friends outdoors. The 65 laps were completed all too quickly. ‘So we decided to carry on until we got to 100!’ added Aimee.

‘Everyone got a certificate to celebrate when we reached 100,’ says Alex. ‘And a voucher to spend on a drink and a cake at our Café on the Corner, which has recently reopened!’

Raising funds for a good cause

The friends were delighted to raise over £800 in sponsorship. ‘We’re using the funds for a cosy corner in Michaelmas Hall,’ says Alex.

Michaelmas Hall is well equipped for large gatherings, but community members were keen to create a space for smaller groups and quieter conversations.

‘We’ve got some pretty plant pots and new armchairs,’ says Aimee. ‘Next, we’ll get a sofa and a rug.’