Luke is helping out – and feeling the benefits too

Luke is helping out – and feeling the benefits too

Park Run is a popular community running event in towns and cities around the UK. Many of us will have spotted volunteer marshals in their ‘high vis’ jackets in our local park on a Saturday morning.

Luke is a regular volunteer at Middlesbrough’s two weekend Park Run events. For over three months he has been making the early morning trip from Botton Village, to help out as a race marshal and make sure runners stay on course.

‘I have to wear a high-vis jacket and tell people which way to run so they don’t get lost,’ says Luke. ‘We start quite early in the morning, but it’s great fun, I love it.’

Luke’s active lifestyle

‘Luke is three weeks into the Couch to 5k exercise programme now,’ says support worker Carl. ‘And he’s hoping to complete his first Park Run as a participant this year.’

‘I go running on Thursdays and Fridays. It’s lovely running around Botton, you can see far away to the back of the Dale,’ adds Luke. ‘I like the feeling that I’m getting fit.’

Luke volunteers at the Park Run in Middlesbrough