Trust COVID Update

Trust COVID Update

On the 13th December 2021, the Government released new guidance on how best to keep people safe in the face of the new Covid-19 variant Omicron. We are complying with the new Plan B rules/guidance:

  • All staff across the Trust who are able to work from home will do so from Monday 13th December
  • Visitors to communities are instructed to rearrange where possible and if attendance is vital they must follow the instructions on testing. A negative Lateral Flow test but be presented prior to attending any of our communities and offices.
  • Family visits are still able to take place, however, we request these are booked where possible. Family visitors are asked to continue taking lateral flow tests on the day of their visit and to only come to the community if they have a negative test result.  Staff may request to see proof of the result.
  • Community risk assessments have been reviewed in light of Plan B.
  • All indoor community-led or community organised gatherings, such as community Christmas parties, have been cancelled or moved outdoors if possible.
  • Front line staff continue to wear PPE, and staff who remain working in the offices are wearing face masks when moving around.
  • Staff are continuing their regime of Lateral Flow Tests and PCR tests.
  • We have an excellent vaccination uptake at the Trust, we are actively encouraging people to make sure they have their Covid-19 Booster and their flu jab.

Keeping people we support and colleagues safe has been our number one priority during the pandemic and, to date, Camphill Village Trust has been fortunate that Covid-19 has had a minimal personal impact on our charity.  We are working hard to ensure that this does not change.

Read the full Trust COVID update and guidance here.