Zara’s on patrol

Zara’s on patrol

Zara has been helping to keep the roads safe for pedestrians and drivers around Delrow Community.

During a recent visit from Hertfordshire Constabulary, Zara and some of her friends talked to officers about the dangers of speeding cars, and had the opportunity to record the speeds of passing motorists on the nearby lanes.

‘We checked that drivers weren’t speeding,’ says Zara. ‘We watched out for cars coming and we aimed the camera at them.

’Zara quickly mastered using the speed camera, recording more speeds than any of her friends. But as she says, ‘being in the police must be a difficult job!

’Lower traffic speeds means a safer and more pleasant environment around our communities.

As Zara explains: ‘It’s important so it’s safer for other people, especially people walking nearby, to make sure no one gets hurt.’