Children’s Activities

Throughout the school holidays, including half-terms, we have a fun packed programme of creative, hands-on activities for children ranging in price from £3.50. There are even free activities for some days. Regular activities include Jewellery making, chocolate making, stone carving, puppet making & pottery painting.

october half-term activities

Wizarding Wonders. Enjoy a fantastical magic show by Arnie Kazam full of laughter, intrigue and wonder. £2 per child/£1 per adult (40min) All ages. 12.00-12.40 + 2.00-2.40.

Funky Pumpkins. Use paint and fun accessories to decorate real pumpkins. From £4 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-1.00 + 2.00-4.00.

Skeleton Puppet. Make your own spooky puppet using funky and recycled materials. £5 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Fod Rocks. Get creative with Amy Sampson in a range of activities including rock painting. From £1 (as long as you need) All ages. 2.30-5.00.

Fairy Houses. Build a mini den for fairies, dragons, monsters, and unicorns to live in, using natural materials. From £4 (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Stone Carving. With Cat’s Eye Carving  learn to carve on a 4 inch square piece of limestone. £15 (30 min) Age 5+. 10.30-12.30 + 1.45-4.30.

Woodland Masks. Create a mask to wear this Halloween using materials found in the forest. £3 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Paint a Pot. Unleash your inner artist and paint a pottery item to take home the same day. From £6 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-1.00 and 2.00-4.00.

Little Witches and Wizards. Make your own spooky string marionette puppet. £5 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Candle Dipping. Make a candle by dipping into different coloured wax to create a rainbow effect. £4 (15-20min approx) Age 6+. 11.00-3.00.

My My its Pumpkin Pie. Watch a puppet show with Lullaby Leesa featuring wacky comedy and laughs with medieval stories. Free or donations (40min approx) All ages. 10.30, 11.30, 2.00.

Wicked Costumes. Create your own spooky hat or broomstick for this Halloween. £3 (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Halloween Cupcakes. With Isabel’s Bakehouse decorate a range of delicious cupcakes. £8 for 4 cupcakes (40min approx) or £5 for 2 cupcakes (20min approx) All ages. 10.30-3.30.

Bird Feeders. Create your own all-natural bird feeder. £3 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Monster Making. Make your own soft monster sculpture using recycled materials. £5 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Slime. Make your own surprise slime, jumbo slime or classic slime with glitter, polystyrene balls and more. From £4 (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Trick or Treat Bags. Personalise your own trick or treat bag to use this Halloween. £4 (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Chocolate Making. Make your own chocolate with the Chocolate Bar. From £5 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-2.00.

Jewellery Making. With Balm design and make beautiful beaded jewellery. £4 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-4.00.

During all activities, children must be accompanied by an adult.
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Children’s Activities