Children’s Activities

Easter Half term Activities 
Saturday 6th until Sunday 28th April 

Throughout the school holidays, including half-terms, we have a fun packed programme of creative, hands-on activities for children ranging in price from £3.50. There are even free activities for some days. Regular activities include Jewellery making, knitting, chocolate making, stone carving, puppet making & pottery painting. Here is a list of the activities we have running this april:

Dippin’ Treats. Visit our Hospitality School and make tasty treats by dipping fruit and marshmallows into chocolate & then decorating. £5 for three items (20min approx) all ages. 10.30-1.30. 12th, 19th, 26th April.

Cupcake Decorating. With Isabel’s Bakehouse decorate a range of Easter themed cupcakes. £8 for 4 cupcakes (40min approx) or £5 for 2 cupcakes (20min approx) all ages. 10.30-3.30. 15th April.

Fossils & Sharks Teeth. Dig deep to find real fossils and sharks teeth dating from the Jurassic period. Identify them on our fact sheet and select five to take home. £4 each (20mins approx) All ages. 11.00-4.00. 6th, 12th, 16th, 23rd April.

Candle Dipping. Make a candle by dipping into different coloured wax to create a rainbow effect. £4 each (15-20min approx) Age 6+. 11.00-3.00. 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th April.

A Magical Show.  Enjoy a fantatsical magic show by Arnie Kazzam full of laughter, intrigue and wonder. £2 per child/£1 per adult (40min) All ages. 12.00-12.40 & 2.00-2.40. 10th, 17th April.

Blooming Pots. Transform terracotta flowerpots into a works of art for your garden. £3 each plain pot or £4.50 each for plant, pot and compost (30min approx) Limited items, first come first served. All ages. 11.00-5.00. 15th April.

Easter Baking School. With Isabel’s Bakehouse learn how to bake & decorate a batch of delicious Easter biscuits. £10 for a 60 minute class. Age 7+ accompanied by an adult. (Hourly bookings advised but not essential: Isabel@isabelsbakehouse.com or 07966592368) 10.00-3.30. 13th April.

Roaming Reptiles. Join Roaming Reptiles for a fun educational, interactive hands-on experience with snakes, lizards & more. £2 per child & £2 per adult (as long as you need) All ages. 11.00-2.00. 8th April.

Guerrilla Gardeners. Make your own eco-friendly seed bomb to help transform unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour to attract wildlife. £3 each (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 9th, 23rd April.

Origami Eco-Pots. Make your own eco-friendly, zerowaste plant pots using recycled newspaper & plant your seedling and help it grow. Compost and seedling included. £3 each (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 8th, 22nd April.

Windy Chimes. With Balm Jewellery make your own Easter themed windchime using beads and yarn to hang in your home or garden. £4 each (20mins approx) All ages. 11.00-4.00. 13th , 24th April & 11.00-2.00, 20th April.

Stone Carving. Learn to carve with Cat’s Eye Carving and personalise a 4 inch square piece of Jurassic limestone to take home. £15 (30 mins) Age 5+. 10.30-12.30 & 1.45-4.30. 10th, 17th  April.

Mini Dens. Build a magical mini dwelling to take home, for fairies, dragons, monsters & unicorns to live in, using materials found in the forest. £4 each (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 12th, 19th, 26th April.

Make & Take. Experience the wonders of throwing your own pot on a potter’s wheel and take away an unfired pot. £10 (20min approx) All ages. 2.00-4.00. 6th, 13th, 20th ,27th April.

Paint Your Own Pot. Unleash your inner artist and paint a pottery item using acrylic paints, to take home the same day. From £6 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00. 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th April & 11.00-1.00 on  6th, 13th, 20th ,27th April.

Face Painting. With Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust find out more about local wildlife and have the chance to become your favourite animal! Free. All ages. 11.00-4.00. 13thApril.

King Arthur & the Pirate of Lydney. Come & watch Lullaby Leesa storyteller and ventriloquist from BBC Sherlock . Come and join in the fun and make a puppet. Free or Donations (40min approx) All ages. 10.30, 11.30, 2.00. 11th, 18th, 25th April.

Squishy Squishies. Customise your own squishy, choose from a range of squidgy items including; cake, unicorn & woodland creatures. (Limited items, first come first served) £2.50 Small, £7 Medium, £8 Large (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 14th, 24th April.

Surprise Slime. Make your own surprise slime, choose your colour then customise with glitter & polystyrene balls. Then add the surprise by doing a lucky dip, select your stretchy to add to your slime. Classic Surprise Slime £4.50 or Eggcellent Surprise Slime £5 (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 7th, 27th April.

Forest of Dean Rock Painting. Join in the rock painting fun with Amy Sampson from FODROCKS. Awesome prize draws and rock decorating kits, badges, mini pots & stickers available to buy. £1 suggested donation per family (as long as you need) All ages. 2.30-5.00. 28th April.

Beaded Butterflies & Jewellery. With Balm Jewellery make beaded butterflies & other beautiful jewellery items. £4 each (20mins aprox) All ages. 11.00-4.00 19th, 26th April  & 1.00-4.00, 9th April.

Pinecone Birdfeeders. Create your own all-natural bird feeder to attract wild birds and bring your garden to life this spring. £3 each (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 16th, 25th April.

Dream Catchers. With Balm Jewellery make our own dream catcher using different coloured and textured yarns plus beads to personalise your dream catcher. £4 each (20mins approx) All ages. 11.00-4.00.  22nd April.

Make & Paint a Chocolate Come to the Chocolate Bar and make a colourful Easter chocolate. £5 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-2.00.  9th ,10th ,11th ,12th, 16th,17th,18th,19th,24th,25th,26th April.

Litter Critter. With Love Your Forest project help make a litter critter out of junk to be part of their latest anti-litter campaign and make your own to take home. Free (as long as you need) All ages. 11.00-2.00. 11th, 12th April.

Free Trail. Hidden around Taurus Crafts are lots of painted bunnies with positive words on them for you to find. Once finished hand in your trail sheet to enter the Free Prize Draw. 6th- 28th April.

During all activities, children must be accompanied by an adult.
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Children’s Activities