Outdoor Day Opportunities

Here at Taurus Crafts, we don’t just offer creative, catering or retail day opportunities and we understand that not everyone wants to work indoors.

As the centre is open seven days a week it requires regular maintenance, with our onsite maintenance team we are able to offer a more vocational path to give a taste of real working environments and learn new skills.

Working alongside our maintenance team people with learning disabilities take part in:

  • Help our recycling programme
  • keeping the site presentable for our visitors
  • Event Preparation
  • Working in the polytunnels

We are a place of variety and this offers exciting opportunities to learns. The busy visitor center offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor working and with no, today’s the same this a great place to take on a new challenge or two whether it’s helping with event preparation, day to day maintenance or looking over the vegetables in the polytunnel.

Vocational Skills
An outdoor oppourntiy with us is highly rewarding, Learns will have the opportunity to work alongside a dynamic maintenance team and learn from their extensive skill sets. The skills the learner will develop don’t just belong in the workplace, they could be used to gain a sense of indecency and freedom.

We appreciate that not everyone wants to work indoors and we are a safe and rewarding place for people who prefer to work this way.

Taurus Crafts - Day Opportunities

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To speak to a member of staff about this and other day opportunities available you can call us on 01594 844841 or click here for location information.

Outdoor Day Opportunities