Toby Pink

Covid info: For the moment, due to Covid restrictions the garden is closed to visitors, it can be viewed from the road.

artist creating mathematical and geodesic sculptures from recycled materials, displayed in the sculpture garden.

Toby will be creating an ever-changing sculpture garden at Taurus crafts, focusing on mathematical and geodesic designs and their interplay with nature and the surroundings. Sculptures are made out of reclaimed/recycled wood from building sites, bringing ‘waste’ materials back in to use in beautiful forms. The garden will be open to the public to walk around and view the sculptures and Toby hopes that this will become an immersive space with sculptures appearing, and disappearing, changing location or formation continuously. He would love community engagement in the works, creating a feedback loop with comments and discussion about the sculptures.

Geodesic /Mathematical shapes can make wonderful garden ornaments or decorations, please see Toby’s Instagram account for examples of these works, or contact him for more information.

Toby will be in the garden most weekends and hopes in future to run some workshops allowing individuals to build their own geodesic shape.


Telephone: 07796998933
Email: tobygarratt@gmail.com

Toby Pink