Parent or guardian must accompany children, and activity prices and descriptions are subject to change

 At Taurus Crafts, children have the chance to express their creative side. Their children's activities program offers such highlights like a magic show, ceramic painting, slime making, stone carving, jewellery making, and nature-themed activities.

A magical show. Enjoy a fantastical magic show by Arnie Kazam full of laughter, intrigue and wonder. £4 per child & £2.50 per adult. Shows 12- 12:40 and 2-2:40.

The tale of the sleepy Dragon. Watch a magical puppet show with Lullaby Leesa. Free or donations (40 min approx) all ages. 10.30, 11.30, 2.00.

Butterfly Crafts. Design your own butterfly by selecting a ceramic or a wooden model. From £3. (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-1.00 + 2.00-4.00

Blooming Pot. Paint your own plant pot inc. plant. From £7 (Duration 30min approx. plus dry time) All ages.

Recycle Buddy. The last thing the world needs is more waste, so help Severn Zero to change that. In this Activity with a difference, you feed Buddy empty cans and bottles you have found or used so he can recycle them. Free, 10am until 5pm. - Each empty can or bottle that gets recycled equates to one ticket which can then be collected and exchanged for a reward. (Subject to availability)

Jewellery making. With Balm, design and make beautiful beaded jewellery. £3. (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-4.00.

Squishies. Customise a squishy, choose from a range of squidgy items. (Limited items) From£5, (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.

Fairy Doors. Make and decorate your own fairy door using natural materials and a splash of paint. From £7 (Duration 30min approx.) All ages, 11-3.

Wildlife Crafts. Design windchimes that look like bugs or flowers, or personalize wooden birds or bee gliders. From £3. (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-1.00 + 2.00-4.00

Rainbows. Create your own rainbow using either a ceramic decoration, or rainbow mobile. From £3. (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-1.00 + 2.00-4.00.

Paint a pot. Let your inner artist out and paint a pottery piece to bring home the same day. From £6. (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-1.00 + 2.00-4.00

Slime. Make your own surprise slime, or classic slime with glitter, polystyrene balls & more. From £7 each (30min approx) All ages. 11.00-3.00.

Paint pouring. Experience the magic of fluid art and create stunning works of art. It’s a fun and unique way to make coasters, canvases, or hanging disks. From £5 (Duration 30min approx. plus dry time) All ages

Stone Carving. Carve your initial on a small piece of limestone with Cat’s Eye Carving and take your creation home with you. Booking Only, 11.00-4.00, 30 mins approx, £25 pp. To book email carrie@catseyecarving.co.uk or drop in to my studio.  Age 8+ please wear sturdy shoes, Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian