Caring for your tree

For trees placed indoors trees, avoid placing near to a fire or radiator, as this can cause increased loss of moisture and needle drop. 

Traditional cut trees 

  • Before bringing the tree into the house, saw 2.5cm off the bottom of the trunk
  • Put the tree in a stand, ideally one with space for water in the base
  • Ideally carry out a daily check and top up the water if the level has dropped
  • Your pride and joy should now last 4 weeks.

Trees in pots 

  • Maximise the longevity of living trees by displaying them in a cooler room
  • If you can hold out, bring trees indoors as late as possible.

When the festivities have ended you have a choice to plant your tree in the garden to grow to maturity or keep in a container to use indoors again next year, ideally repotting in a larger container annually.

Caring for your tree