Choosing the right Christmas tree

Choosing your real Christmas tree truly is a festive season highlight, but what should you consider when buying your tree other than the size and shape? Our guide will help you decide which variety is best for your family, your style, and the space you have available.

Norway Spruce 

This spruce is the classic Christmas tree, referred to as the ‘father of Christmas tree’, known for: 

  • A fantastic shape with lots of branches – great for hanging all of your decorations
  • A nostalgic festive scent – just right for this time of year
  • Classic spikey needles
Nordmann Fir 

This fir is a very popular Christmas tree in the UK, known for: 

  • Relatively soft needles of an even shape – easy to trim with your favourite decorations
  • Dark green glossy needles that have a lighter shade of blue underneath.
  • Sturdy branch structure, well suited to hanging larger decorations
  • Considered a good choice if you suffer from allergies
Nordmann Fir- Potted

These container grown potted trees are a great investment for the future – make it a fun family project throughout the year to care for your tree.

  • Great for outdoors, small spaces and hallways
  • after the festivities have ended place them outdoors and nurture them for next Christmas
  • Remember these trees are still living so they need regular watering when inside
Choosing the right Christmas tree