About Us



As a national charity and not-for-profit organisation Camphill Village Trust brings over 65 years of experience, knowledge and passion to supporting people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health challenges and complex needs.

Our Trustees

As a not-for-profit organisation, Camphill Village Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees that brings knowledge and experience about the social care sector.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide information about our goals and achievements each year, and details of our financial accounts.

Our History

The Camphill movement, as it came to be known was founded in Scotland in 1939 by an Austrian Doctor Karl König with a group of young helpers. Born in 1902, König had significant experience in working with children with a learning disability within a residential setting.

Vision & Mission

To see more people with learning and other disabilities lead a life of opportunity.

Joining Camphill Village Trust

Media Enquiries

Do you have a story that you are researching, or you wish to speak to us about the work of Camphill Village Trust? Find information on our positioning statements, real-life stories and our press releases.

Our Values

We exist to provide care to adults with learning disabilities and, in particular, in providing this care, to ensure a sense of belonging that comes from being part of one of our communities.