One of our support workers with a person we support at one of our communities

Our vision

To see more people with learning and other disabilities lead a life of opportunity

Our mission

To empower the people we support to lead more connected and fulfilled lives and make informed life choices

One of the people we support at the RDA National Championships

Our values

One of our support workers working with a person we support

Building connections

Camphill Village Trust offers a sense of belonging and community. That means we create opportunities for friendship, connecting people to build a community so they can feel valued rather than isolated.

One of our community members developing their skills at one of our day opportunity activities

Enabling potential

Camphill Village Trust enables people to develop, grow and be heard. This means we build confidence and the voice of the people we support informs what we do, at every level.

Arts and crafts activities in one of our communities

Promoting purpose

Camphill Village Trust promotes meaningful, healthy living. This means the people we support live an active life and can contribute to the wider community on an equal basis.

One of our support workers and a community member enjoying our nature and environment

Environmental respect

Camphill Village Trust values and cares for the environment. This means that we see a connection between the environment we live in and our well-being and promote living sustainably, in harmony with the natural world.

Community members shopping and gaining independence


Camphill Village Trust believes our people and resources should make a positive contribution to society. This means we support and develop initiatives to challenge issues faced by vulnerable members of society, which enable the people we support to achieve greater integration into the wider community.