Corporate Fundraising

Your business can support our work

If you work for an incredible employer or run an incredible business we will work with you to do something amazing. Supporting Camphill Village Trust can not only help you fulfil your corporate and social responsibilities, it can provide you and your colleagues with a whole new world of opportunities.

We can offer employee volunteering opportunities that make a genuine and transformational difference for everyone involved. Your professional expertise could also help us raise more funds or you could sponsor the products made by the people we support.

You can take a lead in encouraging staff and friends to give to our cause through making us your charity of the year, signing up for payroll giving or hosting a fundraising event in aid of the Camphill Village Trust.

We will make sure we maximise the PR benefits of your contribution with you and ensure that as many people as possible know about what we are doing together.

Our mission is to provide a life of opportunity to the people we support and our values are:

  • Building connections
  • Enabling potential
  • Promoting purpose
  • Environmental respect
  • Social impact

If you and your company share our values, contact us to learn more about working with Camphill Village Trust. We can arrange a visit to one of our sites so you can see for yourself just how incredible we could be together.

Corporate Fundraising