Our Activities

All our support is wrapped around by meaningful activities such as social farming, gardening, animal care and husbandry, nature-based arts and crafts, forestry, wood work, education, cafés and retail. 

All of which deliver a life of opportunity for the people we support by helping them build confidence, engagement and skills. 

Our activities are available to the people we support and to the wider community as a day opportunity.

Find out more about the activities we offer and where you can get involved.

Farming and Gardening

Camphill Village Trust is a charity with its roots in horticulture and agriculture. We support adults to work in our farms and gardens across many of our communities.

Food Production

From our Bakeries, Creamery, Food Centre and Cafes, the people we support are able to gain skills and experience in food production on both a small and large scale. We supply our own communities, cafes and stores with the food products we produce, as well as external suppliers.

Wood Work

Our Wood Workshops are well equipped with machinery and some more traditional tools. These allow the people we support to learn wood working methods using the pole lathe and shave horse.

Joining Camphill Village Trust


Our Weavery Workshops are therapeutic spaces where creativity flows and skills are mastered and developed. The people we support use natural materials and traditional methods to produce a variety of products they can be proud of.

Soaps and Candles

We work together, using naturally-derived ingredients, to produce a fantastic range of products from soaps and bath sprinkles to lipbalms. All made by the people we support.


Our pottery day activities and workshops provide opportunities for the people we support to be involved with the making of our pottery, or other parts of pottery processes.