For over 70 years, the Trust has been changing lives through nature for people with learning disabilities, autism, and mental health problems. Our work has always been rooted in nature and the power this has, but we are now getting ready for our next chapter of exciting growth. With your help this Christmas, we can reach even more people .
People like Jenny, who has autism and was struggling to build the confidence and independence she wanted for herself. Then she moved into the community at our Taurus Crafts site in Gloucestershire, and after 20 fantastic years with us, Jenny’s life has been transformed.

Twenty years of transformation

When Jenny first joined the Gloucestershire community, she found schedules and making connections difficult. But with the right support, she had the opportunity to take part in meaningful work.

Thanks to her upbringing, Jenny has a real passion for nature, and soon after joining us become a volunteer gardener at Taurus. Ever since, the role has given Jenny the chance to have daily access to nature and all the benefits it provides – such as improved mental and physical health, confidence, well-being, and personal skills, as well as the chance to connect socially with others.

Much like the gardens she tends, Jenny has bloomed. Her gardening work has led to more opportunities for her to develop as a person and be part of her wider community. With your support today , more people like Jenny can keep on growing.


You have come into my life and inspired me to explore my full potential and do more things for myself”.

Jenny, Taurus Community

Woman feeding a tree into a netting machine

The future

Our next chapter is all about growing our vital services. Across our nine communities, there are unique opportunities for people to harness the power of nature through meaningful activities that support community life. Whether that’s gardening, animal husbandry, forestry, farming, arts or any of the other wonderful things that people can get involved with at the Trust.

Costs of providing these opportunities are increasing, whilst the funding we receive from the government is decreasing, so if we are going to change more lives, we need your support. This Christmas, together, we could start the work that will help even more people like Jenny reap the benefits of nature.

Group tending to pony and cart


If we can help people get back in touch with nature, we can change their lives”.

Sara Thakkar, Chief Executive