Severnside Skills is a new vocational training provision for adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health problems, based at Taurus Crafts, Lydney.

Our project was created to tackle the shortage of nearby chances for people with additional support needs to acquire the job know-how and specific trade training they need for employment or personal development. Our core training centres on the thriving hospitality and tourism sectors, with a special focus on hotspots like the Forest of Dean.

We understand the personal barriers people with a learning disability face in working and the lack of appropriate support to help them work. We also know that people with additional support need aspire to work and get paid, but sadly, only around 6% of adults with learning disabilities and autism have paid work.

Due to our unique facilities, our inclusive and supportive ethos at Taurus Crafts, along with a highly skilled and trained team, can offer educational opportunities that enable more people with support needs to  gain essential skills to support progression towards further independence, education, volunteering or employment opportunities.

We will combine core educational opportunities in trade-specific vocational skills, co-produced initiatives, and work experience. We will also provide flexibility to make personal choices and be in control of individual learning pathways.

If you want to see and hear more from Severnside Skills follow our Facebook page @Severnsideskills.