Co-Production is at the heart of everything we do at
Camphill Village Trust

Back in 2020, a 'Thinking Out Loud' group was formed here at the Trust, to help adults with learning and other disabilities share their views. Recently, the group have been thinking about what a life of opportunity means to them. They considered what was important to them, from skills and training to daily life and relationships.

From these discussions, the group then co-produced ten 'Life of Opportunity' statements. These statements are a guide for how to lead a Camphill Village Trust life. A life of opportunity.

I want you to look at me as a person, not someone to care for.
I want to be more confident in my life. I want to grow and develop.
I want to be involved and connected with others.
All the people that are important to me work together to help me achieve my goals and live the life I choose.
I am thriving not just surviving.
I want to be in control of creating my ‘life of opportunity’.
I want to be an active part of my community.
I have skills and abilities, I may need support to get training, voluntary or paid work.
I can develop and maintain positive relationships in my own home and beyond.
It’s all about the time you give to me.

Play the Life of Opportunity card game

Download our Life of Opportunity card game for FREE! There are three games to choose from, just download and print the playing cards to take part.

The games can be played with friends as a group. You could also play them with your support worker or families.

You could use the cards as part of regular support meetings. You could take each card and talk about the things you would like to do, what your hopes for the future are and any support or help you may need to achieve what you want.

Write down your ideas (or ask someone to help). You could then use these ideas to share with all the people who can help you live a ‘Life of Opportunity’!

Choose from:

  • The Memory Game
  • The Button Game
  • The Ladder of Opportunity Game

What is A Life of Opportunity?

Would you like a paid job earning your own money? Do you enjoy travelling and meeting new people? Watch the film to find out more!

Download the job description

Download the application form