Poems by Owen

Owen is from Camphill Village Trust’s Croft Community in Malton. Owen is a very keen and talented writer and poet and we’re proud to be able to share his work with you. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Croft Community

by Owen, Camphill Village Trust Croft Community

The Croft is our place to live,

big or small with wares to give.

With smiles and faces, all abound,

a place on earth like holy ground.

The world is new with other places,

unknown to us with similar faces

and here beknown for us we give.

Our knowledge, our future to other races.

So what it means for us today,

and age to even lead the way,

a brand new start to start anew

and forget our troubles had ever brewed.


By Owen, Camphill Village Trust, Croft Community

Leadership is when people defy the odds,

Standing up for yourself,

Making a name and giving,

Yourself a chance.

Leadership is when life throws challenges,

Hoping everyone,

Makes a leap of faith,

Out of the blue.

A moment to satisfy my view of things,

My world as I know it,

And giving myself,

One chance.


By Owen, Camphill Village Trust, Croft Community

Remember the trees
That once stood on this hill.

Remember the fields
Where the poppies stand still.

Remember the old
Whose life are now departed

Remember the new
Whose life has slightly started.

Remember the stones
That covered the hill

Remember the people
Who reminds us still.

Remember the world
Whose life are now departed

Remember the dream
That is now parted.


By Owen. Camphill Village Trust, Croft Community

Who knows what may lie in darkness,

Who knows if it comes out of hiding,

Who knows what it may get up to

And who knows if it falls asleep on the grass.

Who knows what may lie undisturbed,

Who knows if it curls up into a ball,

Who knows about life’s wonders,

Or non existent or non at all.


By Owen. Camphill Village Trust, Croft Community

It’s those woods and fields

The folds that dip and rise

The sepia seeping through

Pale November skies

Whose birds depart their tops

the cathedral of the trees

Orange the flame of Autumn

Green the decaying leaves

The ground a brown so barren

and from there the world defies

In the ridges and furrows

Full of big surprise.

Poems by Owen