Giving a voice to the people we support

Giving a voice to the people we support

Meet Alfie who lives within Botton Village

Alfie joined the community four years ago and currently lives at Sycamore House.

In the film below, co-produced by the Tea and Tech Team at Botton Village we introduce Alfie, and explore who he is, and what leading a life of opportunity means to him.

The film includes clips from Alfie’s life, as well as an interview with Alfie’s mum, Linda.

Linda, active representative and advocate for her son Alfie, said ‘In wider society people like Alfie are often not seen and not heard, because Alfie doesn’t use words to communicate and has little understanding of the world around him.’

Watch Alfie’s video here:

Alfie’s video was edited and produced by community member Adam and Co-Production Lead Colin, utilising images and video clips sent by Alfie’s mother Linda and the care and support team at Linden House.

Colin said ‘Co-producing videos like this takes a long time, but it is worth it. We involved Alfie and Linda every step of the way. We are hoping to produce more videos over the coming months, involving staff and the people we support in every stage of the process.’

Whilst living in Botton Village, Alfie has become more independent. He’s getting better at dressing and now regularly takes part in baking and going on walksHe has also made new friends.

Linda said ‘Alfie is an individual as we all are, he sees every day as an exciting and interesting new day. But he needs support for that. He wants an exciting and interesting life, to continue around his care.

The most important thing is the support around giving Alfie the best life ever.

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