Running for a Cause

Running for a Cause

Christelle’s Marathon Journey to Support Camphill Village Trust’s Delrow Festover 

As the countdown to the London Marathon on April 21st begins, Christelle is getting ready for more than just a race. With every one of the 26.2 miles, she’s on a mission to support Camphill Village Trust and take this year’s Delrow Festover in our community to the next level. 

The Delrow Festover holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s a weekend loved by the community, filled with music, magic, and positive energy. Recognising the impact of this event, Christelle knew that fundraising for the Festover could bring even more joy and excitement to the occasion. 

Christelle’s journey to the London Marathon was all luck or some may call it fate when she secured a spot in the ballot on her first try. With determination and a desire to make a difference, she started her training journey from scratch, seeking a cause close to her heart to fuel her motivation.  

A Challenge for a Good Cause

For Christelle, this marathon is one to tick off her bucket list and marks a significant milestone as this will be the first time she will take on long-distance running. Though she believes it may be her first and final marathon, her passion and drive to make a difference suggest otherwise (You’ve got this, Christelle!). With the intense training over the past six months, Christelle is looking forward to spending more time with her family once she has completed her run.  

Full of determination, Christelle looks forward to experiencing the iconic sights and sounds of the London Marathon route, from the historic landmarks of Greenwich to the Tower Bridge and beyond.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am determined to make every moment count.” 

With her sights set on the finish line, Christelle is seeking supporters to join her cause. Every donation brings us one step closer to enhancing the Festover experience and creating unforgettable memories for the individuals supported by Camphill Village Trust. 

To show your support, you can donate to Christelle’s JustGiving page.

With very best wishes, lots of luck and a big thank you to Christelle, let’s cheer her on as she runs for a cause, spreading awareness and support for Camphill Village Trust and the Delrow Festover. 

Christelle at our St Albans community, Camphill Village Trust

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