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About Taurus Crafts

Taurus Crafts provides work and training opportunities for the people we support to be a part of a working team.  This provides the opportunity to develop new skills, build confidence and enable people to participate actively in the community. We’re a centre of excellence recognised for working with people whose needs are not well met through mainstream education and employment programmes.

Work and training opportunities

At Taurus Crafts, the people we support are involved in all aspects of our award-winning centre. Trainees serve in our shops and develop their hospitality skills in every area of our café. Our beautiful, artisan gifts and imaginatively designed cards are made by people with learning disabilities as is the crockery we use in our café, which is hand-thrown in our pottery at our nearby Grange Village Community.

The people we support are at the heart of all we do, and Taurus Crafts is a place where skills can shine.

Work is an important part of adult life. It brings dignity and a sense of self-worth; it provides avenues for training; it develops responsibility and social skills.

Work is something that helps define who we are. We say “I help maintain the site” or “I work in the kitchen” or “I work in a shop” or “I work in a cafe”. These are just some of the occupations followed by people with learning disabilities who are part of our community. Many adults with learning disabilities find it impossible to get a job, we believe that with the right support they can.

At Taurus Crafts through our person-centred approach, training, work experience and even paid work is possible. These opportunities build work-related and vocational skills, key independence, social and living skills and thereby increases confidence.

Above all we value what each individual brings to our community.

About Us