Corporate Volunteering

If your business is located close to one of our communities then why not consider arranging a volunteer day on our site to help us achieve a specific project or improve our appearance.

In return, you will have the opportunity to motivate staff and develop team relationships as well as the satisfaction in knowing that you have done something special to help support adults with learning disabilities lead a life of opportunity.

Projects could include painting, gardening, helping on our farms or in our food centres.  Or you could use your expertise to help in other ways, such as project management, staff training or helping with office admin duties.

Working in partnership over a set period of time, whether that is an intensive 3 days in a row or a commitment to volunteer for a set number of days over an agreed period of time. We can provide a rewarding experience and you may find that staff take away far more than they give.


Projects available will depend on the community and the timing of the request.

Corporate Volunteering