Making healthy choices at Botton Village

Making healthy choices at Botton Village

Over the past three months, student dietitians from Teesside University have been working with community members and staff in Botton Village to deliver advice on what to eat as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyles

Students Verity and Rachel held group education sessions on making healthier choices when cooking, shopping and eating out, to help the people we support to make more informed choices around food.

Community members created an informative display in Botton Store, which helps to encourage ‘healthy swaps when you shop’. It clearly shows healthier food items over the more conventional snacks of chocolate and crisps, such as fruit and nuts. It also encourages people to swap sugary drinks for sugar-free alternatives and promotes eating 5 fibre-filled foods a day.

Encouraging healthier choices

To help encourage visitors to purchase healthier options in the Village Store, community members have coproduced a loyalty card scheme that rewards customers when they purchase healthy choices.

Community member Catherine also designed a new healthy eating mascot which has been placed on product labels in the shop to help customers easily identify healthier options on offer.

Verity and Rachel said,

“We’ve really enjoyed working in Botton and supporting people on a range of nutritional topics. We look forward to seeing our work influence healthy choices within the community.”

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