Healthy swaps when you shop at Botton Village

Healthy swaps when you shop at Botton Village

Community members at Botton Village have been learning how healthy choices can make a difference.

Rachel and Verity, student dieticians from Teesside University, worked with community members for three months to raise awareness about healthy eating.

Catherine was one of the people who attended Rachel and Verity’s group sessions. “It was difficult at first as I sometimes ate a lot of unhealthy stuff at home,” she admits.

A change for the better

Rachel and Verity gave Catherine and her friend’s lots of suggestions about how to make healthier choices when cooking, shopping, and eating out. Community members then worked together to create an information display in Botton Village Store, showing how to ‘swap when you shop’, choosing sugar-free drinks and replacing crisps and chocolate with fruit and nuts.

Catherine designed a logo with oranges and apples, which has been printed on stickers to label healthy options in the Village Store. “I feel really good when I see my logo in the store”, she says.

Rachel and Verity’s advice has had a lasting impact too. “I eat a lot more salads and fruit, and I love herbal tea now,” says Catherine. “I feel really good doing this.”


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