A diary with a difference

A diary with a difference

Mel’s visual diary

Mel has found a unique way of recording her day-to-day life. She’s been keeping a ‘visual diary’ for four years. It’s a bit like writing a regular journal – but with a creative twist.

“If I go to the park on a Sunday, for instance, then on Monday I’ll do a picture of the swans and other things I saw at the lake,” explains Mel, who lives in our St Albans Community. “I have a huge imagination. I see something and that sparks other ideas!”

The ideal creative space

Thanks to our generous supporters, our recently refurbished Art Studio is the perfect place for Mel to develop her journaling technique. Studio Manager Gaspar explains:

“Mel is using a collage technique, so the Art Studio is perfect for her. Having all the materials she needs to hand helps her explore her ideas.”
As well as creating a unique personal record, Mel says there’s another important benefit to her visual diary.

“It helps me process the day and understand how I feel if I can create something from what I am thinking and feeling. I feel much better for keeping my visual diary!”

Thank you to everyone who previously donated to our appeals for funds for the St Albans Art Studio.


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