Shared Lives: a reflection on 2021

Shared Lives: a reflection on 2021

Shared Lives Carers

Written by Colleen and Malcolm who support Shane and Aaron

Two beaming faces and a ripple of laughter from two young men getting into our car following a night out with friends. A snapshot in time worth remembering.

When Aaron came to us in 2021, we already had a family holiday planned and just three weeks to sort out his first passport. We managed it, thanks to many phone calls and a determined Passport Office employee and we all enjoyed a sunny holiday in the South of France. Since then we’ve enjoyed holidays in the New Forest, Devon and Center Parcs.

A year of ‘firsts’

Shane has overcome his fear of the swimming pool and he delights in kneeling in the pool and putting his face in the water.

We’ve become members of a local football club and we all enjoy going to matches and meeting up with friends. It’s fantastic to see Shane and Aaron jumping out of their seats and high fiving everyone when their team scores a goal.

Sharing responsibility at home

Shane and Aaron are growing in independence at home too – everything from making their breakfast and hot drinks, to organising their rooms the way they like.

Shared Lives carers share their homes with older or disabled people who find it hard to live on their own. If you’re interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer, contact our Shared Lives team on 01384441505.


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