Steph’s journey to independence

Steph’s journey to independence

Steph’s Story

By Dawn Whincup, Team Leader, Larchfield Community.

What an amazing, magical, memorable journey we have been on!  Stephanie moved into Larchfield Community nine years ago and moved into Teyva House. Lets just say the transition was testing at times, but Steph quickly settled into life here and thrived.

Over the years, she has made some lifelong friends, made amazing memories, and had lots of opportunities that she had not been given before.

In 2020, Steph decided that she was ready to go for independence, and with support from management and her staff team, she moved into a smaller house in Larchfield Community, to transition. This allowed her to gain new, and regain lost skills, and become more confident in her abilities ready for when the time came for her to spread her wings and fly!

Stephanie, it has been an honour and a privilege to be part of your story, your highs, lows, good times and bad, but most of all, seeing you grow your wings and getting ready to fly.

Supporting Steph to spread her wings

Steph has grown into a confident, mature young lady who did not always believe she could, but with lots of support and understanding, her belief grew and she knew she could achieve anything she put her mind to.

In the last four years, Steph has achieved so many things; courses for DIY, painting and decorating, completing functional skills in English and successfully gaining employment as a Life of Opportunity reviewer.

We are all so incredibly proud of you and wish you all the absolute best in your new home. Fill it with love, laughter and a million happy memories.

I am sure we all feel the same, and wish Steph all the luck in the world as she begins her new adventure in her new home outside of the community. Steph continues to attend the Craft workshop at Larchfield Community, as well as the Voices of Larchfield group and she continues to be employed by the Trust as a Life of Opportunity reviewer.

Steph in the living room of her new home

Steph has moved into her own home.

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