Botton Village Karate Club adapts as it grows

Botton Village Karate Club adapts as it grows

Botton Village Karate Club

Almost a year after its launch, Botton Village Karate club continues to grow bolstering 20 licensed students from the village attending the training sessions.  

To adapt, a new grading system was introduced in December as a revision of the Kyu system by Sensei Chris and Sensei Ian allocating students into two groups.  

Support worker and Sensei Chris said ‘The traditional grading system in Shotokan, is for the student to progress through the Kyu (rank) attaining a coloured belt up to black belt. 

‘With the varying level of abilities within the Camphill Dojo, a grading system has been devised, in order that students with limited mobility or movement, can still progress through a revised Kyu system.’ 

This new grading system encouraged community members such as Alfie to join, who have limited movement, but still wanted to take part in the training.  

Meet Alfie in this video


Through training with a partner, students develop their skills through a reliance on focus and control of technique. With the aim of enhancing the following qualities and skills, self-discipline, self-esteem, confidence, respect for self and others, concentration levels, co-ordination, awareness of others and surroundings, physical fitness. 

Chris said, ‘Through the revised Kyu system we hope students can feel they are progressing, hopefully eliminating feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence, or fear of failure.’ 

Great work everyone and we wish you all the best as you head towards your next grading.  

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