Your own pathways...

Because we understand that everyone has a different approach to learning and what they want to achieve. We can offer person centered approaches, allowing you to achieve your work goals through transferable skills such as gardening and crafts.

Retail training

The work experience and training for this course is based within Severn Zero and The Gift Store. From October to December, you could also work in our Christmas Shop. Working across several shops over the year will allow you to learn a range of product knowledge.

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Catering training

The catering course is delivered in our newly refurbished training kitchen.


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Café & Hospitality

The Hospitality training course takes place in Fresco and Severnside Kitchen. There may be additional opportunities to take on other hospitality roles during events.

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Short courses

Severnside Skills short courses will introduce our full academic year vocational work experience courses. An opportunity to have a go at something different and see if it is the right course for you.

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We use AQA’s (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) Unit Award Scheme (UAS), a unique way to record learner achievement. Its ‘can do’ approach boosts student confidence, engagement and motivation.

It offers learners the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate each time a short learning unit is successfully completed.

Amanda Hawkins is the Lead Course Tutor for catering and retail

Meet the tutors

Our expertly trained staff’s innovative and creative thinking ensures each service is built around individuals.

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If you are interested in a Severnside Skills placement, please complete our Referral Form and we will be in contact.

Our training and opportunities

  • Mandatory health and safety – everyone who joins the education program will learn some core basic skills in health and safety in the workplace
  • Transferable work skills – these are the skills people need to be highly valued by employers, such as punctuality, teamwork and decision-making. All of our training will have these skills embedded in lesson plans.
  • Friday Cooking Skills – we will continue to offer our very popular home cooking skills sessions, where people can learn recipes that they can recreate at home. Everyone is allowed to suggest new recipes and learn about healthy eating and basic kitchen skills.
  • Severnside Skills Trainee Work placement-  Following the completion of the AQA units, an assessment, and a review, trainees have the opportunity to tie in their learning during with their job search through a supported work placement within Taurus Crafts. To fully consolidate the learning, we will arrange for a fixed term work experience placement through our onsite businesses such as Severnside Kitchen, The garden café, Severn Zero, Gift Store